Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm here!  And by here I mean Haiti, more specifically UCNH.  I actually did get picked up from the airport this morning and all my luggage made it... eventually.  Took an extra hour for one bag, but that just gave me time to run to the bank.

I've only been at the university for about 2 hours, just kind of settling in and meeting people.  I met my host family and dropped off my stuff.  My host dad, Amos, speaks a little bit of English... I don't think his wife speaks any.  And if I understood what he said correctly, I have two host sisters, ages 27 and 21.  I'm not entirely sure if I've met them or not.  Communicating is a bit of a struggle.  But helpfully, I have also met my Creole tutor!  We had our first lesson walking from my house to the Casseuses' for lunch.  I learned, "how are  you", "I'm fine", "what is your name", and "my name is."  Dinner tonight with the family should be interesting.

Lunch with Dr. Casseus (UCNH president) was a little awkward, but encouraging in some ways too.  He's just not a man of many words.  It seems his wife does a lot more coordination with visitors, so I'm looking forward to figuring out more of what I'm doing when she gets here.  But who knows when that will be.

Anyways, so far a good first 2 hours and I'll keep you updated!  Just not this frequently.

And thank you to everyone who prayed for my safe trip!


  1. My biggest question is....did they like you? just kidding. Really though, I can't wait until God unfolds some of the coolest connections for you through which you will build some great relationships. That's why I love being a believer, it just happens when God shows up. Praying for you today!

  2. What makes you relevant is not what you do, your dreams of change, or even whether or not people respect your reasoning for coming to Haiti. Relevancy comes in how bold you are in being just another set of hands and feet for a magnificantly uniting cause. Not just a nose.

  3. More importantly, how were Dr. Casseus's dogs?

  4. Glad to hear you are getting settled in bud. I'm definitely a little jealous... you are gonna have an amazing time. Make sure everyone there knows we are thinking about them back in Wheaton! Praying for you, and looking forward to hearing more. Like where is your host family's place, and what's it like? And yeah, the dogs.

  5. So glad that you made it safely to Haiti! I hope you're enjoying an excellent Creole learning curve, especially numbers...make Berhe proud :-P. And I'm tots excited to read more about how you're doing! Praying for you today!

  6. Hey Chris! I'm glad you made it there safely. I'll be praying for you!!!