Monday, June 13, 2011

The Cusp

So, here I am.  In the Miami Airport Red Roof Inn.  About 4 hours away from getting back to the Miami Airport, 6 hours from getting on a plane and 8 hours from being in Haiti.  On the cusp.  The past few days I haven't been sleeping very well.  I tend to sleep poorly on cusps.  I think about this thing that I absolutely need to remember to do in the morning, but will I forget? I better do it now... and then there's that other thing... and then it's 4 in the morning.  That is to say, I should probably be trying to sleep now, but that would be fruitless and hopefully blogging won't be.
Basically, there's too much to say so I'll only say a little.  I'm anxious, but part of that is excitement.  I'm worried about my host family, that my internship will be helpful, connecting with students, being able to communicate with anyone, that someone will pick me up from the airport tomorrow.  Overall, I just want them to like me.  I'm not scared of looking foolish or out of place nearly as much as I am that the people at UCNH will just think I'm a waste of time.  I know all of this is premature and irrational (and if you want to post affirming comments, that's fine), but it doesn't stop it from being what I'm thinking.  So, if you pray for me, pray that people will like me.


  1. You're going to have a great time, Chris! They will definitely not see you as a waste of time, but will be happy to have you there! Praying for you as you begin continue your HNGR journey on the ground!

  2. You and Kym both mentioned being worried that someone will pick you up from the airport. I'm thinking maybe I should have kept that particular story to myself...