Thursday, July 28, 2011

Visual Aids

Here are some pictures to help you better visualize the stories you read here.  Enjoy!

The outside of the house I'm living in. 

Met Amos and Ma Amos, respectively.  (Met is an educational title... Amos is the principal at a local elementary school)

From left to right: Clarin (28), Ma Amos and Snyda (21).  Haitians don't like to smile in pictures.  Maybe they want to look like Jason Bourne/Adam Sawyer.  

From the boat ride to Anse a Foleur.

From left to right: Budry, Abbie, me.  I'm not sure if you can recognize me behind all that beard.

From one of my beach trips with Budry.  Haiti really is a beautiful country.


  1. Love the pictures and the description of your boat trip to St. Louis. Sounds like a much needed adventure! And, of course, a little face-to-face fellowship is always refreshing. :)

  2. Wow - Haiti is indeed beautiful. As is that beard that hides your face. :) My insides are doing a little "woohoo" cheer for you right now... it sounds like you're right where you should be, despite (or because of?) the ambiguity of your internship. Way to go, friend!

  3. Your house is quite a bit more permanent than I was picturing.. Somehow I was kinda hoping you were doing the sheet metal thing with a half-roof, but I like the digs. Also Abby wearing scrubs and a skirt at the mission makes me laugh a little.

    PS You better keep that beard going, I'm also flexing my facial hair capabilities. Which are meager.

  4. "Maybe they want to look like Jason Bourne/Adam Sawyer." Best caption ever? I think yes.

  5. that wasn't supposed to be anonymous... sometimes i'm not such a fan of blogger. this is brittany

  6. I like the beard and I appreciate the shout out. My host father doesn´t smile in pictures either. I guess Bourne just has a lot of fans.